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Democratic leaders will serve on Redistricting Reform Commission

(Dec 03, 2018)

Bradford elected as Democratic state House Appropriations Committee chairman

(Nov 14, 2018)

Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus selects new leadership

(Nov 14, 2018)

Goodman re-elected to House Democratic leadership team

(Nov 14, 2018)

Harris chosen to be Democratic Whip

(Nov 13, 2018)

McClinton makes history in House Democratic leadership elections

(Nov 13, 2018)

House Democrats choose leaders for new session

(Nov 13, 2018)

More than words; how Pennsylvania supports veterans

(Nov 09, 2018)

Dermody comments on Brown verdict

(Oct 31, 2018)

Solomon champions quality child care in Pa.

(Oct 30, 2018)