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Bipartisan Support Announced for 'Pennsylvania Fairness Act' to Boost Economic Competitiveness

(33 minutes ago)

McClinton: GOP’s attempted override was politics as usual

(1 day ago)

Sturla calls on Republicans to end political gamesmanship and move a responsible Pa. Budget

(1 day ago)

Mullery: Override votes a GOP political stunt

(1 day ago)

Neilson sworn in to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

(1 day ago)

McClinton sworn in to represent the 191st Legislative District

(Aug 25, 2015)

Krueger-Braneky begins first term representing 161st Legislative District

(Aug 25, 2015)

Schlossberg introducing bill to protect Pennsylvania’s smallest travelers

(Aug 19, 2015)

DeLissio: Education critical component of budget negotiations

(Aug 05, 2015)

Gainey legislation would create Living Wage Certification Program, penalize nursing home employers that provide poverty wages

(Jul 30, 2015)