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The SCOTUS Janus decision threatens ALL workers and their families

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Republicans kill worker protection proposals in committee; silence supporters

(18 hours ago)

In wake of town hall, Burns files bipartisan legislation seeking justice, protections for childhood sexual abuse victims

(Sep 19, 2018)

Davis, Policy Committee examine child custody issues

(Sep 17, 2018)

Tai to introduce resolution to study, address mental health provider crisis in Pa.

(Sep 10, 2018)

PLBC applauds state funding for gun violence reduction initiatives

(Sep 07, 2018)

Warren introduces bill to require near-universal background checks in Pa.

(Sep 05, 2018)

Krueger-Braneky, Moms Demand Action, Domestic Abuse Project advocate for H.B. 2060

(Sep 04, 2018)

State prison lockdown: Hanna, Snyder, Goodman applaud DOC action

(Aug 29, 2018)

Dean introduces legislation to ensure clean drinking water

(Aug 28, 2018)

Briggs appointed Democratic chairman of the House Health Committee

(Aug 27, 2018)