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House Democrats united, oppose ill-advised temporary budget

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Rep. Bizzarro's legislation would add ALD to Pa. newborn screening list

(Oct 02, 2015)

House passes Barbin bill to intercept restitution from state tax returns

(Sep 30, 2015)

Costa legislation to provide consumer convenience within the liquor system

(Sep 30, 2015)

Cruz cites State Government Committee as reason for proper rules enforcement

(Sep 30, 2015)

Frankel reintroduces patient trust bill to keep politics out of health care

(Sep 30, 2015)

'Wild West' charter school spending, lack of openness spotlighted in Roebuck report

(Sep 30, 2015)

Schweyer legislation to provide assistance to LGBT seniors (with video)

(Sep 29, 2015)

Mahoney: Republicans cry crocodile tears in budget debate

(Sep 25, 2015)

Kotik to introduce bill to legalize sports betting in Pa.

(Sep 23, 2015)

Cruz to call for Spanish as official language of Pennsylvania, United States

(Sep 22, 2015)