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Senior prescription program expanded to help more people

(12 hours ago)

Bipartisan grandparents raising grandchildren legislation signed into law

(12 hours ago)

House mourns the loss of Rep. Sid Kavulich

(Oct 16, 2018)

House mourns passing of Rep. Mike O’Brien

(Oct 15, 2018)

Opioid, alcohol safe-harbor bills could save lives

(Oct 12, 2018)

Pennsylvania receives extension for REAL ID

(Oct 11, 2018)

Democrats move to increase protection from harassment and discrimination

(Oct 02, 2018)

Democratic legislators: H.B. 2060 can save lives of domestic abuse victims

(Sep 26, 2018)

Comitta introduces legislation prohibiting loaded firearms in vehicles

(Sep 25, 2018)

Republicans kill worker protection proposals in committee; silence supporters

(Sep 24, 2018)