Ravenstahl unveils legislation to bolster chiropractic programs, interns

HARRISBURG, Aug. 18 – State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl, D-Allegheny, today said he has introduced legislation that could open the door for chiropractic educational programs in the state by allowing chiropractic interns to practice under supervision.

“Under the current system, a chiropractic intern cannot obtain experience in Pennsylvania, which is a major factor why the state has no chiropractic educational programs,” Ravenstahl said. “By removing this restriction, I hope to spark educational programs and increase chances that a chiropractic practitioner practices and remains in Pennsylvania.”

House Bill 1737 would amend the state Chiropractic Practice Act to allow chiropractic interns and students to perform chiropractic activities under the supervision of a licensee, instructor or supervisor.

“By allowing interns and students to practice under supervision, the bill would enable this important facet of health care to advance throughout the commonwealth,” said Ravenstahl, noting that H.B. 1737 is supported by the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association.