Raise the minimum wage for working families, Pennsylvania’s economy

Raising the minimum wage is about economic fairness and economic sense: every state around Pennsylvania has a higher minimum wage. It’s also about boosting our state's economy. Raising the minimum wage would put more money in the pockets of low-wage workers, money that would be spent on goods and services in our small businesses.

Fill out the form to email legislative leaders and your state lawmakers to let them know that you support an increase in the minimum wage.


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Help get young Pennsylvanians off to a great start

Nearly 113,000 pre-school children in Pennsylvania who qualify for high-quality early education aren't receiving the benefits of Pre-K. Pennsylvania should consider that a failure since pre-K plays a crucial role for many children not just in K-12 success but in a successful career and life beyond school.

Email your state lawmakers and the leaders that control the agenda to let them know that you support a greater investment in preschool programs and services.

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Treat all public schools equally - charter school reform is key

Charter schools and traditional public schools both receive tax dollars and are considered public schools under Pennsylvania law. To ensure quality educational opportunities for all children, they should be treated equally under law. But they’re not.

For too many years, charter schools have been free to operate under rules less stringent than those required of traditional public schools. It’s led to the mismanagement of charters and the bungling of millions of taxpayer dollars by these publicly funded schools.  

House Democrats have introduced a package of bills designed to treat all Pennsylvania public schools – both traditional and charter – and their students equally and fairly under law.

Tell your state lawmaker to pass the House Democrats' charter school reform package today!

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