Barbin: $400,000 state grant to aid Johnstown business district upgrades

HARRISBURG, Jan. 3 – Johnstown is receiving a $400,000 state grant for downtown business district façade modification and rehabilitation and to improve 2,000 square feet of sidewalk there, state Rep. Bryan Barbin, D-Cambria/Somerset, announced today.

“This grant is the shot in the arm we needed for Johnstown’s downtown business district,” Barbin said. “With the assistance of the governor, this grant will help rebuild buildings and sidewalks in the business center.”

Noting that Keystone Communities program funding is a tremendous boost for the Johnstown downtown center, Barbin added that the $400,000 grant is composed of two parts: $200,000 to rebuild 2,000 square feet of sidewalks, with a separate $200,000 earmarked for improving the fronts of buildings.

Administered by the Department of Community and Economic Development, the Keystone Communities program is designed to encourage the creation of partnerships between the public and private sectors in the community, supporting local initiatives that grow and stabilize neighborhoods and communities. Other program goals are to ensure social and economic diversity and to enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

These partnerships create more attractive places to live and will encourage business and job expansion and retention in Pennsylvania, Barbin said.