DEP offers assistance through Orphan or Abandoned Well Plugging Program

As there are many abandoned wells in the Washington Township/Edinboro/McKean part of our district, it’s worth spreading the word about the gas and oil Orphan or Abandoned Well Plugging Program.

Act 13 of 2012 established the Marcellus Legacy Fund and allocated impact fee monies to the Commonwealth Financing Authority to fund well plugging projects through the OAWP program.

Competitive grants awarded under the program may be used to plug orphan and abandoned wells for which no responsible party exists. The Department of Environmental Protection is encouraging public and private stakeholders to select projects and apply for grants through the CFA, to assist the DEP in addressing the orphan and abandoned well issue in their communities.

You can view this Fact Sheet for a quick summary of the program.

Additional information is available at these quick links:

DEP oil and gas staff are available to support grant applicants in the creation of project scopes and completion of the technical requirements of the grant application.  Applicants may also choose to pursue liability relief by submitting a Good Samaritan Law application to the DEP.