PLBC calls for vigilance in documenting and reporting possible voter intimidation tactics in Pennsylvania this fall

HARRISBURG, Aug. 15 – State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown, D-Phila., chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, and the PLBC membership today urged everyone voting in the November election to report any possible intimidation tactics to the authorities.

The PLBC issued this statement in response to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments Friday when he told his supporters to go and “watch the polls.”

Brown said that calling for people to stand at the polls raises concerns about possible voter intimidation.

“It is dangerous when a presidential candidate pre-emptively accuses voters of fraud and urges his supporters to go to the polls to watch voters,” Brown said. “Everyone who is eligible should be able to vote without having to worry about people watching over them. This type of rhetoric has no place in our political elections.”

Brown said that all voters, regardless of party, should contact their county board of elections, district attorney’s office or the PLBC at 717-772-6955 or online at if they encounter any acts of harassment, intimidation or voter suppression at the polls.

Complaints can also be filed on the Pennsylvania Department of State’s website at

The PLBC encourages voters to read the Department of State’s 2016 Voter Guide before heading to the polls Nov. 8. The guide is available at