Brown hosts sixth annual summer reading game challenge

PHILADELPHIA, June 9 – State Rep. Vanessa Brown, D-Phila., has announced that she will host her sixth annual Summer Reading Program to encourage elementary school age students to read during the summer months.

Participants of the Summer Reading Program are required to commit to reading at least one hour each day during the summer months. They will be provided with a reading diary and game board with specific instruction provided in each reading packet. The program will run from Sunday, June 25 to Saturday, Aug. 5.

Studies suggest that summer reading is important for students so that they can maintain and strengthen literacy skills gained during the school year. When students become good readers at an early age, they are more likely to become better learners throughout their school years and beyond. This is because at a certain age children transition from learning to read, to reading to learn. In addition, students who can least afford to lose ground as readers are more likely to suffer from summer reading loss and fall behind their peers.

"It is important that we prepare our children to be successful in life by simply teaching them to read well," Brown said. "I want to remind parents that educating our children does not end during the summer months – it is a yearlong commitment to excellence. This is why I am excited to host my sixth annual Summer Reading Program."

In 2016, the Center for Literacy in Philadelphia reported that 37 percent of adults in Philadelphia were considered "low literate." This means that nearly 2 out of every 5 adults in Philadelphia are unable to read or write well enough to perform necessary tasks in society or on the job.

"I was disappointed to learn that Philadelphia’s low literacy rate from 2015 remained the same by the end of 2016," Brown said. "That is why my Summer Reading Program is so crucial. We must prepare our students to raise the bar and defy the expectations set for them."

To register children for the program, parents can receive the form by calling or stopping by Brown’s office. The form is also available for download on Brown’s webpage at

For more information, contact Brown’s office at (215) 879-6615.