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Coalition of legislators unveils bills aimed at reforming police procedures

(Apr 16, 2019)
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Bullock on Developing Climate Solutions

(Apr 15, 2019)

Bullock joins in ‘Zero Waste PA’ bill package to address single-use plastics, litter and a ‘throwaway’ society

(Apr 10, 2019)
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Bullock Investigating Opinions on Alternative Energies

(Apr 09, 2019)

Bullock Fights For Equal Pay

(Apr 08, 2019)

PLBC condemns divisive invocation given in the House Chamber

(Mar 26, 2019)

Bullock Fights For Diversity in PSP

(Feb 25, 2019)

Bullock Pushes for Community Solar

(Feb 19, 2019)

Bullock Fights For Quality Schools

(Feb 12, 2019)

Bullock Continues Pushing To Raise The Wage

(Feb 12, 2019)