Burns: $192,750 in Head Start funds coming to Cambria

EBENSBURG, Aug. 1 – A state grant of $192,750 will bolster the pre-kindergarten education efforts of Community Action Partnership of Cambria County, state Rep. Frank Burns announced today.

Burns, D-Cambria, said the Head Start Supplemental Assistance Program funding flowing from the Pennsylvania Department of Education provides state funds to supplement federal allocations in the effort to expand high quality, pre-K services.

“This money goes to existing Head Start grantees, such as our Community Action agency, to help them enroll additional 3- or 4-year-old children, or to expand full-day or full-year programs,” Burns said. “The value of getting an early start with education is well-documented, so any time our county secures additional funding for this purpose is cause for celebration.”

Burns said participating Head Start programs have demonstrated the need for additional Head Start services in their service area; the ability to expand, either independently or in cooperation with a local school district, a licensed child care center or registered family child care home; the ability to comply with federal Head Start and state child care requirements for Head Start-provided extended day services, if applicable; and the ability to work collaboratively with child care, if a child care collaboration is used for extended day services.