Burns announces $9 million for Ebensburg Municipal Authority, $1.57 million for Reade Township

Pennvest low-interest loans to fund sanitary sewer, water improvement projects

EBENSBURG, Oct. 18 – Continuing his trend of securing state funding for vital infrastructure development, state Rep. Frank Burns today announced $10.57 million in low-interest loans for two huge projects in the 72nd Legislative District.

Burns, D-Cambria, said the Ebensburg Municipal Authority is getting $9 million for sanitary sewer improvements, including replacement of 60,500 feet of main line piping, while Reade Township will receive $1.57 million to replace 10,000 feet of water line and 420 residential meters.

Burns said the awards were finalized today by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Authority, commonly known as Pennvest.

“I thank the Pennvest board for continuing to support projects of this type, because such funding is crucial for these improvements to see the light of day,” Burns said. “The real beneficiaries are going to be the 3,148 people in Ebensburg and 1,746 residents of Reade Township whose sewer and water service, respectively, will be greatly enhanced.”

Burns said that addressing his district’s outdated infrastructure has been one of his top priorities since taking office, and the $10.57 million announced today will be added to the long list of projects made possible by state funding during his tenure.