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Resources for Higher Education

You have dreams that you want to realize and great things to accomplish. Higher education can help you get there – so don’t let yourself be discouraged, even if it seems you do not have the immediate resources or opportunities to continue your education.

Here is a list of web resources that can help you to locate scholarships and a variety of other types of assistance to put you on track to fulfilling your dreams. I hope this information proves valuable and will help you to continue your education and realize your fullest potential.

Scholarship Directories & Search Engines

FinAid was established in 1994 as a public service. This award-winning site has grown into the most comprehensive collection of information about student financial aid on the web. Access is free for all users and there is no charge to link to the site which has many useful resources for minority students, including financial aid applications, answering your questions sections, calculators and much more.

Comprehensive site offering scholarship information for all levels of study and for different types of minorities – African-American, Hispanic, Native American, etc. for domestic and international study. Useful features include the ability to search for scholarships by major, state, and education level. A scholarship search service is offered, though most information is available free of charge.

Offers a large database of over 600,000 scholarships based on location, age, school year and heritage. The service is free, though you must register and fill out a profile first.

Whether you are starting out in college or pursuing an advanced degree, this interactive e-learning tutorial will guide you through the process of seeking financial support from foundations to pursue your studies.

Serving as a  'virtual plumber' for higher education internet transactions, over 1500 customized Internet admissions applications for college and university programs allow you to apply to more than one program save time on redundant typing since common data automatically travels from form to form. The site offers: scholarship search, financial aid, college search functions.

State Aid

Federal Government Aid

Your financial aid package is likely to include funds from the federal student aid programs. These programs, which include loans, grants and other forms of assistance, are all administered by the U.S. Department of Education. Completing the FAFSA is the first step in accessing financial aid for education.

The most comprehensive, free full-text online resource on all U.S. federal government student financial aid programs. Here you will find detailed and up-to-date information about (1) who can apply, (2) how to apply, (3) full contact info, and much more... for over 130 government loans and grants (scholarships, fellowships, traineeships) related to education!


The Foundation awards three types of scholarships ranging from $750 - $1,500 for: merit, financial need & "Youth Partners Accessing Capital," a scholarship fund, administered by undergraduates for undergraduates.

Ayn Rand (1905-1982) was an ardent advocate of reason, rational self-interest, individual rights and free-market capitalism. ARI offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate courses to learn more about Ayn Rand’s ideas. High school and college essay contests offer prizes totaling over $70,000.

Boeing offers three different scholarship programs: awards to specific academic institutions that they work closely with on technology collaborations and in recruiting employees, awards for students who attend historically black & minority colleges and four-year National Merit Scholarships for sons and daughters of Boeing employees who have qualified. All information and applications should be obtained from your school advisor.

The Burger King Employee Scholars program grants 158 scholarships of $1,000 each to restaurant employees that are to graduating high schools seniors to afford them the opportunity to further their education and reach their career goals.

Each year, the Foundation awards $20,000 to 50 National Scholars and $4,000 to 200 Regional Scholars from across the country. The program is open to high school students. Scholarships are awarded based on character, personal merit and commitment demonstrated through leadership in school, civic and extracurricular activities, academic achievement, and motivation to serve and succeed. 

McDonald's National Employee Scholarship Program selects one outstanding student-employee (high school senior) from each state and the District of Columbia to receive a $1,000 scholarship every year. From those selected, the one judged to demonstrate the highest commitment to school, work, and community service is selected to receive a special honor. He or she is named the "McScholar of the Year" and is awarded a $5,000 scholarship.

The House Scholarship Program offers scholarships worth approximately $2,500 to two high school seniors each year. The scholarship program is open to any high school senior in Pennsylvania who plans to attend a Pennsylvania college, university or career school full-time and who has a minimum 3.0 grade point average. 

A strategy for developing leaders from minority groups, Prep for Prep identifies talented students from minority group backgrounds; prepares them for placement in independent schools; offers a range of leadership development opportunities; and provides a sense of community, peer support and critical post-placement services. For more information, contact Prep for Prep at 212-579-1390 or

Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories Summer Research Program offers women and members of underrepresented minority groups the opportunity for technical employment experience at our research and development laboratories in Bell Labs.  The program, primarily directed toward undergraduate students who have completed their second or third year of college, is designed to attract students into scientific careers, by placing participants in working contact with experienced research scientists and engineers. Students who apply must be available for at least 10 weeks, starting in early June. Salaries are commensurate with those of regular Bell Laboratories employees.

AmeriCorps is a national network of US service programs that includeAmeriCorps*VISTAand AmeriCorps*NCCC. AmeriCorps is often referred to as "the domestic Peace Corps” because the work is similar, but focused in the US. Members receive professional training and a modest living allowance, some programs also provide housing. Time commitment varies, from ten months to a year. Most assignments are full-time, but there are some part-time opportunities. After successfully completing a term of service you are eligible for an education award of $4,725 that can be used for seven years.

The mission of INROADS is to develop and place talented minority youth (African American, Hispanic & Native American) in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership. The program offers a paid multi-year internship with a Fortune 1000 company, Corporate mentors who take a personal interest in you. Additional scholarship opportunities through corporate sponsors and affiliates and great potential for a full-time career after graduation.

The Association’s commitment to ensuring that all Americans have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals includes various annual scholarships - $1,500 for undergraduates, $5,000 for junior business majors, $1,000 for education majors, and $2,000 for those attending a historically black educational institution. To apply a written request must be sent to: The United Negro College Fund, Scholarships & Grants Administration, 8260 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive, Fairfax, VA 22031, ATTN: Kimberly Hall.


National Security Education Program (NSEP) David L. Boren Graduate Fellowships provide opportunities for U.S. graduate students to pursue the study of languages and cultures of areas of the world critical to U.S. national security. Full funding is provided to enroll in one of the NSEP/NFLI Flagship Programs in Arabic, Mandarin, Korean or Russian.

A comprehensive listing of APAGS Scholarships and Awards for 2005-2006 for those pursuing graduate studies in psychology.

Bell Labs Graduate Research Fellowship Program (BLGRFP) --This Lucent Technologies Foundation program is open to students applying for their Ph.D. For rules please go to the Web site or send an e-mail to

The Cornell University Graduate School Fellowship Database primarily lists fellowships from non-Cornell sources. Anyone interested in consulting the database is welcome to do so by browsing the topics or by a keyword search.

The Association’s commitment to ensuring that all Americans have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals includes various annual scholarships - $2,500 for graduates, $2,000 for education majors, and $2,000 for those attending a historically black educational institutions. To apply a written request must be sent to: The United Negro College Fund, Scholarships & Grants Administration, 8260 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive, Fairfax, VA 22031, ATTN: Kimberly Hall.

Study Abroad

The opportunity to live in a foreign country is not just for the privileged and well-off anymore. You can learn another language and gain valuable life skills studying abroad that will give you a competitive edge in the workforce and also enrich you for a lifetime. The global marketplace continues to create demands for bilingual and muliticulturally skilled staff that could earn you extra money and job opportunities.

Ambassadorial Scholarships further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries. The program sponsors several types of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students and qualified professionals pursuing vocational studies. Scholars serve as ambassadors of goodwill to the people of the host country.

Rhodes Scholars are elected for two years of study at the University of Oxford, with the possibility of renewal for a third year. All educational costs, such as tuition, laboratory and other fees, are paid. Intellectual distinction is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for election to a Rhodes Scholarship, but you must be nominated by your school.

Several different scholarship funds are designed to help promote study abroad opportunities worldwide. Awards generally range from $500 to $4,000. Awards are made on consideration of both merit and need.

Volunteers carry out a variety of public service projects in foreign countries and receive a living allowance, housing and all travel costs, as well as comprehensive medical coverage and support.  Service with Peace Corps offers the chance to live in another culture, learn another language and develop career and leadership skills through important work like bringing clean water to communities and teaching children, fostering HIV/AIDS awareness, information technology, and business development. After completing service, a $6,000 transition grant is given to all volunteers and they have non-competitive eligibility status for government jobs – giving them an edge in securing highly sought after government jobs.

Offers two types of scholarships to study abroad with IES: Historically Black College (HBCU) Scholarships of $2,000 and minority merit-based scholarships ranging from $3,000 to $5,000. 

Adults Returning to College

It is never too late to complete and advance your education, no matter what your age or status in life. Adult schools and community colleges offer a lot of options for late night and weekend classes geared for those working or busy during the daytime. There are also educational institutions that will give you credit for learning and skills gained outside of formal schooling, like on the job training, military and volunteer experience.

Features many tools and resources, including free scholarship searches and a guidebook on scholarships and private organizations that aid adults returning to college, as well as funding for vocational and professional retraining.

The Educational Foundation of AAUW offers Career Development Grants of $2,000 to $8,000 for women graduate students preparing for career advancement, career change or to re-enter the work force

Excelsior College helps working adults earn degrees thru flexible distance education programs and college credit for lifelong learning gained outside of traditional educational settings, such as training completed through the military and other job settings. Various scholarships are offered for careers in nursing, business, liberal arts based upon financial need and academic excellence.

Career Specific Scholarships

Keep in mind many scholarships and opportunities are available for careers where minorities are under-represented. When you decide upon your chosen field of study, you may also want to be aware of the fastest growing occupations where there is high demand for qualified personnel. The Federal Bureau of Labor & Statistics reported in May 2005 that the top growth areas were in healthcare, information technology, retail services and education. This means that opportunity for both immediate employment, as well as advancement is high in such jobs as: nursing, medical assistants, records and health information technicians, physician assistants, home health aids, physical therapist aids, social and human service assistants, accountants, computer software engineers, applications and systems software, network systems & data communications analysts, and educators.

Would you like to become a Certified Public Accountant? The Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students program provides awards of up to $5,000 to outstanding minority students who show significant potential to become certified public accountants. John L. Carey Scholarships provide financial assistance to liberal arts undergraduates pursuing graduate studies in accounting. Seven $5000 scholarships are awarded annually. This site also has links to more than 20 different organizations that can provide scholarships for this field.

Actuaries are experts in evaluating the likelihood of future events, designing creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events, decreasing the impact of undesirable events that do occur.  This site offers several scholarship links for this career field, especially for minorities.

Engineering or physical science students are nominated by department heads and faculty members at our cooperating educational institutions. Nominees must be at least third year college students, have excellent grades, and must have participated in lab and research work in their field.

Microsoft offers four types of technical scholarships to undergraduate students: General, Women's, Underrepresented Minority, and for Students with Disabilities.

Are you interested in Earth-related issues, like resource management and environmental protection? Do you enjoy working outdoors? Travel? Then the geosciences may be an interesting career path to investigate. AGI Minority Geoscience Scholarships are provided with financial awards ranging from $500 to $3,000.

Research fellowships, conference scholarships and travel grants for undergraduate and graduate students in microbiology.

LGSSP is open in the U.S. to high school seniors and outside the U.S. to first and second year students in college. For rules please refer to the IIE Web site at Contact the Lucent Technologies Foundation at for additional questions. For application forms, students in U.S. and abroad should please contact the Lucent Global Science Scholars team at IIE by sending an email to; or by calling the LGSSP hotline at 212-984-5419.

The PA House of Representatives offers a Legislative Fellowship Program that combines education, work experience and insight into the people, issues and politics of the legislative process. This professional, paid 13-week program is open to college seniors and second semester juniors from all Pennsylvania colleges and universities. Contact: Kris Bernard, BMC Fellowship Coordinator at 717-783-1027 or e-mail her

A paralegal performs substantive legal work for a lawyer, law office, governmental agency or other entity. Scholarships of $3,500 and $1,500 are offered to pursue studies in this field.

Sociology applies to a wide variety of jobs in business, the health professions, the criminal justice system, social services, and government. For Undergraduates: The ASA Honors Program is a wonderful opportunity for sociology majors to come to the Annual Meeting, meet other students, and learn about the profession. For Graduate Students: APAGS scholarships are available.

African-American Focused Resources

Hispanic focused Resources