Cephas applauds Mayor Kenney for tackling SRC, looks forward to stakeholder input

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 2 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., today released the following statement regarding Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s announcement that the city is moving forward with its plan to dissolve the School Reform Commission:

“I applaud Mayor Kenney’s commitment to improving our education system through strategic partnerships and investments. Under the School Reform Commission’s leadership, Philadelphia schools have been massively underfunded. As a consequence, graduation rates have not improved, our school buildings are in serious disrepair, and students are not receiving the quality education they deserve. Our commonwealth’s ongoing structural budget deficit only guarantees that under state control, none of this will change and that our students will continue to pay the price.

“There has been significant dialogue about dissolving the SRC by the public, local elected officials and education advocates over the past several years. While I am a strong advocate for local control of our school district, I do have a few concerns. These include all nine appointees coming from the executive branch, as well as the short timeline for implementing all of this. Moving forward, I hope the public will be able to take part in this important transition and that this process is as transparent as possible. We must ensure that this more local school board addresses the needs and concerns of students throughout each and every zip code in Philadelphia.”