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Comitta commends Brandywine Airport investment from state

(Dec 06, 2018)

Opinion: Women send a message throughout halls of government

(Nov 20, 2018)

Comitta: WCASD awarded $5,000 for job-shadowing program

(Oct 24, 2018)

Comitta announces $15,000 state funding for local electrician training

(Oct 22, 2018)

Comitta announces pipeline safety grant covering training for 45 area municipal coordinators, responders

(Oct 17, 2018)

Comitta announces watershed improvements from pipeline infraction fines

(Oct 16, 2018)

Comitta: Bianca Roberson Merge with Mercy project completed at PA 100 spur

(Oct 16, 2018)

Opioid, alcohol safe-harbor bills could save lives

(Oct 12, 2018)

Comitta: State awards West Chester Area SD $20K for safety program

(Oct 04, 2018)

Comitta introduces legislation prohibiting loaded firearms in vehicles

(Sep 25, 2018)