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Spotted Lanternfly Information

(Jul 18, 2019)

Chester County receives $3.08 million in PHARE funding to support affordable housing

(Jul 12, 2019)

Comitta outlines opposition to state budget plan

(Jun 27, 2019)

Chester County receives $1.25 million in grants to increase security measures, help crime victims

(Jun 14, 2019)

Comitta named West Chester University Legislative Fellow

(Jun 10, 2019)

Lyme disease presentations and resources

(May 16, 2019)

Comitta, Sappey welcome state ice hockey champions from Bayard Rustin High School

(May 10, 2019)

Comitta announces $448k grant to support school safety and security

(May 01, 2019)

Comitta, McCarter seek to modernize Pennsylvania’s renewable energy standards

(Apr 17, 2019)

Pipeline town hall scheduled Wednesday, March 27 in Downingtown

(Mar 22, 2019)