More than $52,000 in funding for EMS, fire safety in West Chester

More than $52,000 in grants will be available to three volunteer fire companies and one volunteer ambulance company from West Chester who applied for the funds through the Fire Company/Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program, state Rep. Carolyn Comitta announced today.

Initiated in 2000, and funded by gaming revenue, the program is open to all fire companies, volunteer ambulance services and volunteer rescue squads in Pennsylvania. Grant awards can be used for construction or repair of facilities, purchase or repair of equipment, debt reduction and training.

“These monies will be of great aid to the three volunteer fire companies and volunteer emergency ambulance company in West Chester,” said Comitta. “It’s just one example of the ways that we can offer funding support to the 100 percent volunteer and 100 percent certified services that are so vital to our public safety. At a time when many volunteer fire companies and emergency service organizations are struggling to survive in Pennsylvania, these programs enable many to grow and thrive, not to mention provide first-class protection for all citizens across the commonwealth.”

According to Comitta, the following received award notification from the program:

  • First West Chester Fire Company, $15,000;

  • Flame Fire Company No. 3, $15,000;

  • Good Will Fire Co. No. 2 , $15,000; and

  • Good Fellowship Club of Chester County, Inc. (EMS). $7448.21.

In total, some $30 million in grants will be available, with Volunteer Emergency Medical Services receiving $3.6 million and Volunteer and Career Fire Companies receiving a total of $26.4 million in funding.

Comitta explained that applicants now must access the grant agreement forms and return them for processing, at which point they are reviewed and the money is then disbursed.

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