US 202 ITS project information

Some of you have contacted my office with regard to the proposed work on US 202. I’d like to share the following information, as it was provided to me via PennDOT recently.

PennDOT has initiated the SR 202-ITS project under a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant. 

As you know, US 202 and Route 1 are very heavily traveled corridors in our region. Currently, there are adaptive traffic signals on US 202 from the Delaware state line to US 202 and on Route 1 from US 202 to US 322. In addition, there are Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices within the corridors along with fiber optic cable. 


Despite these existing locations, there are gaps in the adaptive signal and ITS network. There are no adaptive signals on US 202 from Matlack Street to Route 1, and on Route 1 there are no adaptive signals from Lenape Road to US 202. The proposed project will install 7 adaptive traffic signals along US 202 and 11 adaptive traffic signals along Route 1 to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and improve air quality along these corridors.  


The proposed project will also include implementing Bluetooth Readers, DMS signs and CCTV cameras along these corridors.  The proposed ITS equipment will connect to PennDOT’s Regional Traffic Management Center and provide information that will help PennDOT better manage traffic flow in the event of an incident. Since Brandywine Creek in this area is prone to flooding, the proposed ITS equipment will allow PennDOT to monitor the situation and warn travelers to take alternate routes. 


Preliminary design has now begun for the project, with construction to contract in July 2018.