Budget Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took a few minutes to respond to my recent budget survey about the state Senate’s revenue plan passed earlier this summer. While the final revenue plan may look different by the time it reaches the Governor’s desk, this information will be beneficial as we move forward in the process.

Below are the results of the survey:

54.1% opposed the State Senate Package as a whole, 40% supported and 5.9% were neutral.

74.2% supported a severance tax on natural gas drilling, 20% opposed and 5.8% were neutral.

53.6% opposed a Severance tax that includes the shift of permitting and other regulatory responsibilities from DEP to third-party entities, 26% supported and 21% were neutral.

58.8% opposed borrowing $1.3 billion against future revenue from tobacco settlement fund, which funds smoking cessation and prevention efforts across the state, 28.8% supported and 12.4% were neutral.

61.3 % opposed increasing tax on natural gas utility bills for commercial and residential users, 27.3% supported and 11.3% were neutral.

70.6% opposed increasing tax on home and cellular telephone bills, 21.6% supported, 7.7% were neutral

45.3% supported Imposing a sales tax on all online purchases, 44.3% opposed and 10.3% were neutral.

46.4% opposed expanding gambling in Pennsylvania, 34.5% supported and 19.1% were neutral.