Tele Town Hall Voice Mail Questions Answered

1. Is there anything we can do to replace the trees that have been cut down along the Mariner East II pipeline? Are there any other ways to beautify the roadway now?

Unfortunately, the root systems of trees can potentially cause damage to pipelines. Pipeline routes are also routinely monitored for leaks and damage from the air by regular flyovers and tree canopies obstruct this important view. Communities can consult with the pipeline company in their area and their township about what vegetation might be best to plant. There are many shrubs, plants and ground covers that would be suitable.

2. How do I get a SEPTA senior discount pass?

Call my office to make an appt or drop in to get your application processed and photo taken for this pass. SEPTA then mails the card to you. There will be someone available to assist with getting a SEPTA senior discount pass at my SENIOR EXPO on Oct 21 also.

3. I have received fines from the turnpike commission and my EZ Pass account is in good standing. How can I find out what the problem is and do I have to pay these fines?

Your EZ Pass transponder may be dead. The average lifespan of a transponder is 8-10 years. You can call my office with your EZ Pass account number and my staff will help resolve the issue with the Turnpike Commission.