Costa applauds PLCB action to sell 12-packs at Pa. beer distributors

A step in the right direction for consumer convenience

HARRISBURG, March 6 – State Rep. Paul Costa, D-Allegheny, this week said he has learned the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has issued an advisory opinion to allow distributors across the commonwealth to sell 12-packs of beer as a single container.


Costa, the Democratic chairman of the House Liquor Control Committee, said under this legal opinion any brewery or manufacturer may now sell a prepackaged 12-pack to a local distributor for resale, as long as it’s either shrink-wrapped or securely held together in another container made of cardboard, plastic or paperboard, according to the state Liquor Code.


“This is a step in the right direction to provide consumer convenience,” Costa said. “By allowing these 12-packs to be sold at beer distributors, customers get another choice in their beer selections. It provides family-owned distributors more options in their product line, which, in turn, provides more consumer traffic, giving opportunities to expand and sustain their businesses. It is also supporting our breweries in Pennsylvania, so it’s a win-win situation.


“I believe this is just the beginning of modernizing Pennsylvania liquor sales, by providing consumers better convenience, and varied selection and prices through package reform. I look forward to continuing the fight for our consumers to get longer PLCB Fine Wine and Good Spirits Stores hours, more convenient locations and flexible pricing.”