Costa legislation would require personal finance course as graduation requirement

Teaching financial responsibility is an important part of preparing students for life beyond high school. That is why I’ve introduced House Bill 328, legislation that would make taking a personal finance course a graduation requirement.

My legislation would fulfill recommendations from the Task Force on Economic Education and Personal Financial Literacy Education. The Task Force was established in 2010 under Act 104 and reported that current efforts to teach personal finance in Pennsylvania’s public schools are inconsistent across the commonwealth’s 500 school districts.

While some Pennsylvania school districts do require such a course, I feel it’s important to equip all Pennsylvania students with this important information.

Under my legislation, school districts would have the opportunity to choose from several options for this capstone course for high school juniors or seniors. The options include classroom instruction with the equivalent of one semester or one half credit, a self-paced online course, or a blended course with a district-approved, end-of-semester assessment.

The bill has been referred to the House Education Committee for consideration.