Ross Township Police warn of phone scam claiming to be Duquesne Light

The Ross Township Police Department has received reports that someone alleging to be from Duquesne Light is calling around and demanding payment of outstanding balances.  

If you receive such a phone call, please be sure to report it to the police department at 412-931-9070 and do not provide any of your personal information over the phone. 
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission warns that if someone claims to be a utility representative over the phone or visits in person and wishes to enter your home, consumers should call the utility company first to verify that they are speaking to a person from the utility.

The shut-off procedures for residential consumers include:

  • Sending a 10-day notice. Once you get the notice, the utility has up to 60 days to shut off your service;
  • Trying to contact customers three days before a shut-off date; and
  • Leaving a 48-hour termination notice at residences from Dec. 1 through March 31.

Please keep in mind that utility companies must make an attempt at personal contact with a small business owner at least three days before termination.

As always, if you have questions about this, or any other state-related issue, please contact me.