Davis applauds vote on bill to end cash gifts

HARRISBURG, Sept. 26 – State Rep. Tina Davis said legislation she is championing to reform government is moving through the House of Representatives.

The legislation, H.B. 2519, is similar to bills she has authored over the past several legislative sessions. The bill would end cash gifts for public officials and public employees and lower the threshold for reporting gifts, transportation, lodging or hospitality.

“Gifts should be banned for all members of the General Assembly so as not to create any conflicts of interest,” Davis said. “It is the duty of all members of the General Assembly to put the best interests of their constituents first.”

Davis has fought for legislation that would ban gifts since 2011, but the Republican committee chairman has blocked Democratic legislation from receiving a vote in his committee.

The bill was voted out of the State Government Committee on Tuesday and moves to the full House for consideration.