DeLissio’s 'Policy Pow Wow' draws engaged community members

HARRISBURG, April 20 – State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio (D-Montgomery/Phila.) held meaningful conversations on legislative issues with constituents during her recent “Policy Pow Wow,” held in her district office.

The Pow-Wow format allows for a deep and balanced look at policy issues. About 20 people gathered April 12 for discussion on two subjects:

  • Senate Bill 10, known as the Municipal Sanctuary and Federal Enforcement (SAFE) Act, which is related to the issue of sanctuary cities in Pennsylvania.

  • Senate Bill 3, the Pain Capable/Dismemberment Legislation, one of the strictest abortion-ban laws in the country.

“I was happy to hear from constituents interested in both of the subjects,” DeLissio said. “Those who attended were genuinely interested in understanding all points of view and understanding the process that has gotten the legislation to this point. My primary concern about the process is that no hearings were held in the Senate and no hearings are scheduled in the House on either of these bills. I’m glad I could host this event to help my constituents better understand what is happening in Harrisburg.”

Several attendees said they appreciated the opportunity to listen, share and learn.

“Conversation on these two topics was informative, lively and very timely,” said John Gray of Roxborough.

Sara Stroman, from Manayunk, said, “I think these policy Pow Wows are fantastic and that all of our legislators should be doing them. It provides a great opportunity to learn more about and give input on the policies that our state government is proposing. I appreciate that Pam actively and proactively seeks input from her constituents to aid in shaping her thinking on the issues, and she should be a model for all.”

DeLissio will host another Policy Pow Wow at 7 p.m. Monday, May 15, at the district office. The topics will be legislation related to the statute of limitations reform bill that would eliminate the criminal statute and expand the civil statute on future child sex crimes, and gun control legislation.

Allison Kerlin, from Roxborough, thanked Pam for hosting these types of meetings. “The Policy Pow Wow on April 12 was very informative to help understand the process and timelines for the bills discussed. In these troubled political times, it is comforting to know my state representative takes her responsibility seriously and is willing to meet and hear concerns from her district on the issues at hand so that she can make an informed vote.”

Due to limited seating, an RSVP for the May event is requested by calling 215-482-8726. There will be light refreshments and guests are invited to bring their own non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages.