DeLissio supports legislation to unify 4 state agencies into 1 new agency

PHILADELPHIA, June 9 – State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio said that she is eager for action on a plan to consolidate four health and human service departments into a newly formed Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services.

The plan is a core component of Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed budget for 2017-2018. House Bill 1000 is the implementing legislation, and DeLissio said she is proud to be listed second as a co-sponsor of this legislation.

House Bill 1000 would unify the departments of Aging, Drug and Alcohol Programs, Health, and Human Services into one new Department of Health and Human Services. Teresa Miller, the current insurance commissioner, has been named the secretary designee of the proposed new agency.

“The delivery of services, particularly to our older adult citizens, will benefit from this unification as there will be one agency to handle the myriad of services often used by seniors, who now have to make contact with no less than two to three agencies to obtain the services that they need,” said DeLissio, D-Montgomery/Phila. “I have attended a number of hearings on the unification effort and have been present at other presentations and meetings on this topic. All of the details are still being discussed, but the framework is in place and the concept has tremendous merit.”  

DeLissio said that in addition to delivering services in a more easy-to-navigate agency after the unification is complete, the costs of operating the combined new agency will be lower than running the agencies separately.

“Navigating long-term care supports and services is not always consumer friendly, and many of our programs and services operate in silos,” she said. “It has always been my goal to ensure that the continuum of services is as seamless as possible and easier to access.”

A comprehensive website, located at, provides details about the plan, including primary functions and organizational charts.