DeLissio: Spending plan increases funding for education and workforce development

HARRISBURG, June 27 – State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio D-Montgomery/Phila., announced that she voted in favor of the state’s 2018-19 spending plan, H.B. 2121.


Increases in funding for education, workforce development and support for the opioid crisis were among the priorities during this budget cycle.


“I am pleased we were able to compromise in a timely fashion on the budget without any new taxes or fee increases,” DeLissio said. DeLissio said she also was pleased that for the first time in over a decade a contribution was made to the state’s Rainy Day Fund. This fund is a reserve fund to be used to help the state weather an economic downturn. Basically, before this contribution, the balance of the fund was negative when compared to its stated purpose.


According to DeLissio, the 2018-19 General Fund budget represents $32.7 billion in state spending that will include a $100 million increase in educational funding and $40 million for specialized career and workforce development programs such as the PA Smart program. The spending plan also reflects funding to the Department of Health and Human Services to address the state’s heroin and opioid epidemic.


After the Senate’s passage of the budget bill, Gov. Tom Wolf signed the bill on June 22. 


"The ease with which the budget was negotiated is a direct reflection of the fact that this is an election year for all members of the House, half the Senate and the office of governor," DeLissio said. "The goal going forward would be to ensure that an on-time budget occurs in subsequent years when the General Assembly is confronted with the more difficult task of cutting expenses or raising revenue."