Expense Report - December 2013

Download this month's expense report here.

District Office Lease   1,166.00
District Office Utilities   90.56
District Office Janitorial Service   79.50
District Office Maintenance Services    
Fixed Assets   1,451.19
Postage   400.00
House Postage   16.68
Parking & Tolls    
Communication Services - Tele Town Hall    
Office Supplies   366.42
Other Supplies    
Refreshments - outreach/ meetings    
Session Mileage, parking & tolls   54.00
Session Lodging Expense (3 days lodging) 296.37
Staff mileage    
Meals Expense    
Notary Fees    
Legislative Business Expenses    
Other Travel    
Licensing Fees    
Per Diem None Taken 0.00
Auto Lease None Taken 0.00
State issued mobile phone None Taken 0.00
Salary increase returned to General Fund   -166.42


As of December 1, 2012 The House of Representatives received a cost of living increase.

Rep. Dean returns her cost of living adjustment of $166.42 each month.