Deasy’s West End office features Port Authority ConnectCard vending machine

PITTSBURGH, April 21 – State Rep. Dan Deasy, D-Allegheny, today said a Port Authority of Allegheny County Ticket Vending Machine is now available outside of his office at 436 S. Main St. in the West End.

“My office is located along a popular bus route, so having convenient access for riders to reload their ConnectCards in the West End makes sense,” said Deasy, who partnered with the authority to have the TVM installed. “And effective July 1, the transit rail system will go cashless, meaning a rider will only be able to use rail service with a ConnectCard or a ConnecTix.”

Deasy said the TVM enables riders to purchase ConnectCards, reload their cards, check card balances or purchase a ConnecTix, which is a pre-paid pass for an individual ride.

Under the authority’s flat-fare system implemented this year, riders pay $2.50 a ride with a ConnectCard, or $2.75 with cash. Riders may purchase transfers for $1 with ConnectCards, which allow for one additional ride in any direction aboard a connecting vehicle and are valid for three hours.

Riders with passes do not need transfers, and riders with a Reduced Fare ConnectCard pay 50 cents – half price – for transfers. Transfers are not available for cash-paying customers, who pay $2.75 for each ride.

“Riders with a ConnectCard pay a lower base ride fee, and a ConnectCard is required to make a transfer,” Deasy noted. “I expect the ticket-vending machine to be very convenient.”

Deasy said the machine is owned and operated by the Port Authority. Any information on bus routes or about the ConnectCard should be directed to the Port Authority at 412-442-2000 or by visiting its website at