Phone scammers impersonating state Treasury workers

PITTSBURGH, July 19 – State Rep. Dan Deasy, D-Allegheny, today alerted residents to a telephone scam where fraud artists claiming to be state Treasury employees threaten arrest if unpaid taxes are not paid.

“Treasury employees would never call residents in an attempt to collect taxes or solicit a payment over the phone,” Deasy said. “This is yet another criminal scheme to defraud people.”

Deasy said residents receiving such a call should cease contact immediately and refrain from sharing personal financial information, especially bank account or credit card numbers.

Suspicious calls should be reported to the state Attorney General’s Office, Bureau of Consumer Protection, at 1-800-441-2555 or by email at

Deasy said state Treasurer Joe Torsella has pointed out that his office does not collect taxes and has no arresting authority.

“If you suspect that you have an outstanding tax obligation to the commonwealth, my office can assist in ascertaining information on your behalf from the Department of Revenue,” Deasy said. “Scammers will say anything to cheat people out of money, so please be wary and don’t become a victim.”