House Democratic Finance Committee Staff
207-18 Legislative Session


          MARK FOREMAN

Originally from Harrisburg, Mark graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in political science from West Chester University. After completing an internship in 2006 with the Bi-partisan Management Committee, Mark worked on the House Transportation Committee under then Democratic Chairman Keith McCall, followed by Chairman Joe Markosek. He was then hired full-time as a research analyst in the Legislative Research Office. After two years in research, Mark moved to the House Finance Committee as a research analyst under former Chairman David Levdansky. In 2011, he returned to the newly re-organized Legislative Policy & Research Office as the project manager of the Finance, Gaming and Transportation Unit. In 2015, Mark re-joined the House Finance Committee under Democratic Chairman Jake Wheatley as the committee’s Executive Director.







Raised in Linglestown, Steven graduated Cum Laude from Shippensburg University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication/Journalism and a minor in Political Science. He started working for the Caucus in 2013 in the Office of District Operations and Outreach. In 2015, Steven
joined the Finance Committee as a research analyst. He is currently earning his Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University.







               APRIL ASHE

As a Harrisburg native and graduate of Clarion University of Pennsylvania, April began working for the House of Representatives as a summer intern for Democratic Support Services. Post-graduation, April returned to the House of Representatives as a Legislative Assistant for Rep. Jake Wheatley. In 2015, April became the Administrative Assistant for Chairman Curtis Thomas, Minority Chairman of the Democratic Commerce Committee. She then returned as a Research Analyst for Chairman Wheatley of the Finance Committee in 2017, bringing more than 8 years of experience with the Caucus to the position.







              LORI SMITH

Lori Smith joined the House Democratic Caucus in 1997 and became a full-time employee in March of 1999. Her first 10 years of service was in leadership as an administrative assistant. In January of 2007 she became a legislative assistant to Representative Tony Payton before moving to work for Representative Thaddeus Kirkland in 2010 as the committee secretary for the Tourism Committee. After eight years with Tourism, Lori joined the Finance Committee as the committee secretary. Lori is married and has one son. She lives in Harrisburg.








             JAMIE BARTON

Jamie started working for the House of Representatives Democratic Caucus in 2004 as a Legislative Assistant in the Office of Democratic Support Services. While working in Support Services, she provided legislative support on a day-to-day basis as well as long-term support when needed. Jamie went on to work as a permanent Legislative Assistant for both former and current Members of the Democratic Caucus. In 2015, Jamie joined Chairman Wheatley’s office as his Legislative Assistant. Jamie is married and lives in Wormleysburg.