Dr. Goldfarb to advise policymakers about medical marijuana

HARRISBURG, Jan. 20 – House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody has appointed Dr. I. William Goldfarb to the state’s new Medical Marijuana Advisory Board.

Goldfarb, a Pittsburgh-based surgeon, will join the panel that is responsible for advising the Pennsylvania Department of Health on matters related to implementing the Medical Marijuana Act passed in 2016.

“Dr. Goldfarb is a respected medical professional who has helped thousands of patients in western Pennsylvania over the years,” Dermody said. “I’m honored that he will serve on the advisory board because I know he recognizes a great opportunity to help many more people in coping with and treating a variety of diseases.”

The advisory board consists of 15 people with expertise in medicine, patient advocacy and law enforcement.

They are responsible for examining laws related to medical marijuana in Pennsylvania and other states; reviewing written comments from individuals and groups about the topic; and issuing a written report in spring 2018 about whether any provisions of the state’s medical marijuana law or regulations should be revised.