Democrats will fight to restore funding for veterans

HARRISBURG, April 28 – House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody remarked on the assessment made public today by the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs about the threat posed by a Republican budget bill passed on April 4.

“It’s astonishing that my House Republican colleagues would vote to cut funding and degrade services for our state’s military veterans, but that’s just what they did,” Dermody said.  

“Is it possible these Republican legislators just didn’t realize what they were doing? The contents of the bill were disclosed just one day before the House Republican leaders insisted on bringing it to a vote, so perhaps those who voted yes didn’t understand the harm it would do to veterans in their districts.

“I’m proud to say not one House Democrat voted for the bill.

“Fortunately the budget process still has a long way to go. Democrats will keep fighting on the side of veterans to reverse the callous Republican budget cuts to veterans’ outreach programs, services and health care.

“We can do no less for the men and women who served our nation honorably.”