Philadelphia Delegation condemns criminal vandalism of Jewish cemetery

Stands in support of Rep. Jared Solomon's call for justice

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 28 – State Rep. Maria Donatucci, D-Phila./Delaware, chair of the Philadelphia Delegation to the House of Representatives, released the following statement today with fellow members of the delegation in response to the criminal acts committed at the Mount Carmel Cemetery, which is located in the legislative district of Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila.: 

"To say the Philadelphia Delegation condemns this hate crime is an understatement,” Donatucci said. “It does not matter if it happened in Pittsburgh, Pittston or Pitcairn, the delegation would stand behind the sentiment.

"This is the kind of senseless, futile act that can bring a community to its knees, but the last few days have shown the opposite: people are rising up.

"The efforts of Representative Solomon are to be commended and shown as an example of how to collectively work together and take a stand against prejudice and hate, and the delegation is proud to stand in lockstep with him," she said.   

State Rep. Jordan Harris, D-Phila., chairman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, said, "The members of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus condemn the hate crimes that are on the rise lately, including the disgusting vandalism at a Philadelphia Jewish cemetery, the threats to several Jewish community centers in Pennsylvania and the horrific shooting of two Indians in Kansas and another man who came to their aid.

"We stand with our Jewish and Indian brothers and sisters, and all who have been victimized by these acts of hate. An attack on one is an attack on all, and those responsible for these acts must be brought to justice."

"We must come together and remain on one united front against these types of action," said state Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila. "As the authorities seek to find the perpetrators of this ignorant act and bring them to justice, I encourage everyone to take a look at themselves and ask ‘what can I do to make my community better?’

"In this moment, we must remember the words of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'."