Women still only earn, on average, about 80 cents for every dollar a man brings in. It’s time for such inequality to end. 

The penalties under Pennsylvania’s Equal Pay Law have not been updated since it took effect in 1959. Legislation in the House Democrats' Plan4PA would penalize employers that knowingly pay women less than men for equal work, give employees the ability to inquire about wages and disclose information about wages and prohibit retaliation against workers who discuss or file a complaint about pay inequities. 

We need to deal with this issue now and reverse the lifelong negative impact of the gender wage gap. Please let lawmakers know you support this bill.

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It's time to ensure equal pay in Pennsylvania!

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Please support and call for a vote on House Bill 931, which would update Pennsylvania’s Equal Pay Law and level the playing field for working women.

The Equal Pay Law has not been updated since enacted in 1959, but unfortunately, women are still paid only about 80 cents for every dollar a man brings in. Many of these women are also sole or primary breadwinners for their families, and are taking on more senior leadership positions in the workplace. Everyone deserves to be paid fairly for their work – especially women, who have been historically underpaid and undervalued.

I urge you to consider this important legislation right now. You have the power to close an unflattering chapter in our state history. It’s long past time to make equal pay a reality in Pennsylvania.

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