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House Judiciary Committee reports out several gun safety reform measures, fails to report universal background checks

(Jun 20, 2018)

Frankel, Sims: Supreme Court ruling shows need for Pa. Fairness Act

(Jun 04, 2018)

PA SAFE leaders call for action following Texas school shooting

(May 18, 2018)

PA SAFE, PLBC: Wolf, PCCD money for gun violence opens door to new strategies

(May 09, 2018)

Frankel slams Metcalfe’s outrageous Facebook post

(Apr 20, 2018)

Frankel announces up to $1.67 million in funding for Riverview Towers rehab

(Apr 19, 2018)

After first week of hearings, House Judiciary Committee chairman indicates votes on gun safety legislation may be soon

(Apr 12, 2018)

Pa. legislators call for action on Equal Pay Day

(Apr 10, 2018)

Frankel welcomes Wolf call for Fairness Act, other Pa. non-discrimination updates

(Apr 05, 2018)
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Frankel Recognizes Pitt Public Health

(Mar 22, 2018)