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Frankel: Education Cuts Must Be Restored

(May 12, 2016)
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Frankel Advocates for Firearms Safety

(May 10, 2016)
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Frankel Marks Holocaust Remembrance Days

(May 02, 2016)

Frankel: House approves police grant program with addiction recovery, heroin antidote included

(Apr 12, 2016)
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Frankel: Social Workers Deserve Better

(Apr 12, 2016)
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Frankel: Stop HB1948

(Apr 11, 2016)

Frankel praises Wolf executive orders to expand non-discrimination

(Apr 07, 2016)

Frankel: Pa. House GOP rushing anti-abortion bill, strictest in nation

(Apr 06, 2016)

Frankel: UPMC right to raise wage; statewide minimum wage hike overdue

(Mar 29, 2016)

Frankel: House passage of medical marijuana bill means hope for many ill Pennsylvanians

(Mar 16, 2016)