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Otten and Muth to hold series of town halls this month

(Sep 03, 2019)

Otten and community members submit pipeline safety letter to PUC

(Aug 28, 2019)

Letter to the PUC on pipeline safety regulations

(Aug 28, 2019)

Public Comment on Proposed Rulemaking Regarding Hazardous Liquid Public Utility Safety Standards

(Aug 16, 2019)

Addressing the Need for a Pipeline Early Detection and Warning Board

(Aug 08, 2019)

Friel Otten: Policy, Change, and Leadership Are Needed to End Gun Violence

(Aug 08, 2019)

Otten, legislators call for special session to address gun violence

(Aug 07, 2019)

Otten introduces legislation to create Pipeline Early Detection and Warning Board

(Jul 29, 2019)

Chester County receives $3.08 million in PHARE funding to support affordable housing

(Jul 12, 2019)

The PA Budget on the issues you care about most

(Jul 05, 2019)