Galloway takes oath for fifth term




HARRISBURG, Jan. 6 – At a noon ceremony at the state Capitol today, state Rep. John Galloway, D-Bucks, was sworn in to begin his fifth term representing the people of the 140th Legislative District.

Galloway has a number of issues which he considers vital to the future of Pennsylvania including pension reform and job creation.

Galloway will search for alternatives to the unfair system of funding education on the backs of homeowners.

"Effective public schools are vital to our future. But we need a statewide education funding system that takes the bulk of the financial burden off homeowners while ensuring all children have access to a quality education," Galloway said.

"Now that we have some history with the extraction in Pennsylvania, we need to reconsider the Marcellus Shale issues," Galloway said. "It is apparent that there are many environmental issues, still to be addressed, such as the waste water and drill site accidents, and the drillers are receiving too much of a bargain. We can start to restore some of the critical funding cuts of the past years simply by raising the extraction fees to match surrounding states." 

In addition, Galloway will again introduce "Monica's Law," which was originally introduced last March. This bill would allow a living donor to receive a state income tax deduction for travel expenses incurred in the donation process. The bill was named in honor of Galloway's cousin, who donated a kidney to another relative in California. The donation process required two unreimbursed trips to the West Coast and loss of income from work. Last year, the bill was sent to consideration in the House Finance Committee but was not acted upon before the end of the 2013-14 session.

"Pennsylvania businesses may qualify for a tax credit for allowing their employees the time to donate an organ. It is only appropriate that the donor receive some financial support as well," Galloway said.

The 140th Legislative District is composed of the boroughs of Bristol, Morrisville and Tullytown, and Falls Township, plus parts of Bristol and Middletown townships.