Stop the New Jersey Tax Grab!

If you live in Pennsylvania and make $35,000 or more a year working in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie is proposing that you pay more in income tax – and that you pay it to New Jersey.

If he gets his way, Gov. Christie would abolish a 39-year-old tax agreement between Pennsylvania and New Jersey that allows interstate commuters to pay income taxes in their state of residence. Without the two-state agreement, Pennsylvanians working in New Jersey would have to pay New Jersey's graduated income tax instead of Pennsylvania's flat income tax. 

The Bottom Line: Pennsylvanians working across the Delaware River who make $35,000 or more per year would be subject to New Jersey’s higher tiered rates, and if your taxable income from working in the Garden State is $40,000 or more, you would pay more than 5.5 percent in income tax, a 55 percent hike. For those making considerably more, your tax liability could spike to nearly 200 percent – and all of that money would go to New Jersey instead of benefitting our community here at home. Please look at the table below for more information.

All of this can be avoided by keeping the Pennsylvania-New Jersey Tax Reciprocity Agreement in place.

If you are a Pennsylvanian working in New Jersey, lend your voice to keep tax reciprocity by signing the petition here.

Don’t let Gov. Christie get away with an unfair, unilateral tax grab.