Gergely, Kortz vote to help Pennsylvania homeowners reduce property taxes

HARRISBURG, May 12 – State Reps. Marc Gergely and Bill Kortz (both D-Allegheny), voted today for an amendment to House Bill 504 that aims to significantly lower property taxes for residents across Pennsylvania.

“This amendment doesn’t contain all of what we had hoped to see, but it’s a step in the right direction and it will keep the negotiations going,” Gergely said. “For years, Pennsylvanians have been calling for property tax relief and we’re closer than we’ve been in decades to providing real and significant relief to the homeowners we represent.”

“These last few years there have not been many opportunities to work together in a bipartisan effort to offer real change for Pennsylvania,” Kortz said. “Today’s vote to advance this property tax reform is both a good step to cutting school property taxes for homeowners and also a chance to equalize education investment across the state.”

The amendment passed by a vote of 109-86 and House Bill 504 will be reprinted and up for final consideration by the House on Wednesday.

“Governor Wolf has brought both sides together and provided tremendous leadership on this issue in a way I haven’t seen from a previous administration,” Gergely said. “I’m confident the state Senate will pick up where we left off and we will continue working in a bipartisan effort to turn this amendment into substantial property tax relief that will become a key part of the state budget.”