House Democrats want to grow our economy and create good jobs that support families, expand opportunities and protect your financial future; not prop up an economy rigged for the well-connected and corporate special interests. Here’s how:

Family Sustaining Jobs

  • Develop programs that provide funds to help revitalize communities by preparing shovel-ready business sites.  
  • Invest in construction, sewer and water improvement projects that will improve the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians and generate living-wage employment opportunities. 

Workforce Development

  • The Schools to Workforce Pipeline Act  would create a pipeline for high school students to transition into stable, living-wage careers. The partnership generated through this pilot program would incentivize schools and local businesses to collaborate to provide career-influenced opportunities that would address underemployment for young adults. 

Workplace Protections

  • House Democrats have introduced a package of reforms to strenthen protections for workers, provide new legal options for victims and hold those who are responsible accountable for their actions.

Small Business Support

  • Bolster programs like Business in Our Sites. Authorize grant and loan funding to local communities to convert or transform abandoned industrial sites to thriving business centers. This program will help revitalize communities with family sustaining jobs.
  • Improve existing programs, like Small Business First, by removing restrictions and recapitalize funding through Commonwealth Financing Authority funding avenues.
  • Empowering entrepreneurs with the establishment of the Pennsylvania Small Business Micro-Lending Program that would offer small, low-interest loans to be repaid within two to five years. The program funding would come from the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority transfer fees and Treasury investments.

Improve Business Climate