Hanna announces Clinton County grant award for affordable housing

HARRISBURG, May 17 – State Rep. Mike Hanna, D-Clinton/Centre, today announced that Clinton County will receive $500,000 through the Department of Community and Economic Development’s HOME program. 

Hanna said that this is a HUD-assisted project and the grant is conditioned upon submittal and subsequent DCED approval of an environmental review, which will determine if the project meets federal, state and environmental standards. 

“This funding is going to provide housing opportunities for many residents throughout Clinton County,” Hanna said. “Affordable housing is a need of many throughout the region, so I look forward to seeing the project come to fruition.” 

According to Clinton County Commissioner Pete Smeltz, Clinton County commissioners and planning staff are excited to embark on this $500,000 HOME-funded rehabilitation project in Clinton County.  

“This project will focus on areas which contain many affordable homes that need code improvements,” Smeltz said. “As we have done with previous grants and will continue to do in the future, this project will improve the quality of life for seniors and others on fixed incomes and of limited means. 

“Most importantly, the funding helps us meet our comprehensive planning objective of preserving our affordable housing capacity for future generations.” 

The HOME program is a federally funded program that provides municipalities with grant and loan assistance as well as technical assistance to expand the supply of decent and affordable housing. Funding can be used for new construction, rehabilitation, financing mechanisms, acquisition of rental or sales housing and rental assistance for many families on a fixed income. 

This program requires a 25 percent local match on project costs from non-federal resources for rental housing. For more information visit www.newpa.com.