Hanna announces $2.2 million University Park Airport grant

HARRISBURG, May 29 – State Rep. Mike Hanna, D-Clinton/Centre, today announced that Centre County’s University Park Airport was awarded $2.2 million in state funds through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s aviation portion of the Act 89 Multimodal Fund.

The University Park Airport is Pennsylvania’s sixth-busiest airport and will use the state funding for a much-needed access road. This infrastructure improvement will enhance airport operations and will allow the airport to handle greater capacity in the future, Hanna said. 

“Airports are imperative to our transportation infrastructure and are an economic engine for local communities striving to bring more business and tourism dollars into our commonwealth,” Hanna said. “These funds will ensure continued growth and development of the commonwealth’s airport system.”

According to PennDOT’s Bureau of Aviation, the Aviation Transportation Assistance Program is a capital budget grant program funded with bonds. The program complements the state’s Multimodal Fund. That fund was created by Act 89, a far-reaching transportation funding program that clears the way for significant investments in all transportation modes.

A total of 14 airports across the state will use the funding from this program to expand operation opportunities, Hanna said.