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Harris works to take clean slate movement nationwide

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Second Chance Expo outlines state’s Clean Slate Law

(Mar 15, 2019)
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Lawmakers, advocates come together in call for prison reform

(Mar 06, 2019)
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The Latest Push to Legalize Pot in Pennsylvania

(Feb 19, 2019)
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Bipartisanship is passé. No one told Jordan Harris.

(Feb 11, 2019)
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Examining Gov. Wolf’s Proposed Budget

(Feb 10, 2019)

Harris Commends Wolf's Stance on Criminal Justice Reform

(Feb 07, 2019)
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Free college? It would be possible under new Pennsylvania Promise legislation

(Jan 31, 2019)

Harris: Pennsylvania Promise provides elevator out of poverty

(Jan 30, 2019)

Get free assistance with your Property Tax/Rent Rebate

(Jan 24, 2019)
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Lawmakers look to reform criminal justice system

(Jan 23, 2019)