Hill-Evans announces $890,875 in funding for York projects

HARRISBURG, April 28 – State Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-York, announced an investment of more than $890,000 in state funding to three projects in York County.

“I’m extremely pleased to announce that $735,875 will be invested in our York County rail system and more than $150,000 in our York County neighborhoods,” Hill-Evans said.

“The $735,875 investment to the York Rail Main Line Reconstruction projection in York County is a testament to the importance of maintaining the commonwealth’s position as a leader in this vital industry,” Hill-Evans said. “Approximately 14 miles of track will be rehabilitated and three bridges repaired with the aid of this funding, an investment that we will reap the benefits from for generations to come.”

The total project has a $1.05 million cost, with funding provided from the 2016 Rail Transportation Assistance Program. More than $40 million in funding was awarded across the commonwealth.

In addition to the RTAP funding, Hill-Evans also announced $155,000 in funding for two projects in York County made available via the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Program, also known as the State Housing Trust Fund, administered by Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency.

“Both the YWCA York and York Habitat for Humanity 2017 Building Project have been awarded funds that will benefit those York County residents most in need,” she said. “For example, it’s estimated that some 100 households will benefit from the $80,000 provided to the YWCA York, as those funds will enable long-term emergency housing coordinated with medical and legal counseling services to survivors of domestic violence.”

Hill-Evans added that funds distributed to the YWCA York will also be used to complete interior and exterior repairs at two emergency housing shelters.

“The $75,000 awarded to the York Habitat for Humanity will aid in the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing units for residents in need,” Hill-Evans said. “Four families are expected to benefit from this funding.”

Both PHARE projects are funded via portion of the Commonwealth Reality Transfer Tax.

RTAP, also known as Capital Budget, is available to applicants with line item(s) in a Capital Budget Act. The maximum state funding for a RTAP project is 70 percent of the total project cost, not to exceed the amount of the line item.

The Bureau of Rail Freight administers the funding for the RFAP and the RTAP and is responsible for the evaluation of grant applications. Projects are selected for funding based upon an objective process that serves the legislative intent of the programs and public benefit. Following the close of an application period, applicants will be given the opportunity to present their project to the bureau in Harrisburg. Project presentations provide the bureau with additional information to effectively evaluate projects in a fiscally constrained program. Once projects are selected, the bureau presents its selections to the State Transportation Commission for approval.