Hill-Evans: Hate-fueled assemblies have no place in modern communities

YORK, Aug. 17 – State Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-York, issued the following statement following her appearance with York Mayor Kim Bracey today condemning the acts of violence and hatred in Charlottesville over the weekend and President Donald Trump’s response to them.

“Following the appalling events in Charlottesville on Friday and Saturday, I must speak out against certain victim-blaming responses and normalizing of radical behaviors involved with the race-based violence that is threatening minorities across America,” she said.

“Enough is enough. Because our president is so unwilling to denounce the hate fueling this crisis in America, I am proud to stand with a growing number of public officials across all good political backgrounds in loudly condemning any actions or groups in this country that seek to claim a superior race, advocate for a country exclusive to one race or revise the proud history or contributions of any entire race of people.

“There is no room for hate, bigotry, racism, xenophobia or sexism in our communities, and I’m proud of anyone who stands against them.

“Our fight against these evil forces might be our defining moment as we creep deeper into an obviously failed presidency and moral bankruptcy in the White House.”