Dermody comments on Brown verdict

HARRISBURG, Oct. 31 – House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody expressed sadness at the guilty verdict issued today in the Dauphin County trial of Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown.


“The 10 years of good work that Vanessa did for her district still matters to many people but will be overshadowed by her conviction. It’s unfortunate but that’s the way it is.”


Although Brown is unopposed for another term on next week’s election ballot, she must relinquish her seat in the House no later than the day she is sentenced.


“I haven’t yet spoken to Representative Brown but she will do what she must to conform to the rules of the House and also because it’s in the best interest of her constituents,” Dermody said.


“She waged a long legal battle and mounted a defense against the charges, but the verdict rendered today means she must face the consequences.”


Upon the vacancy in the 190th District taking effect, a special election to fill the seat for the duration of the 2019-20 session will be scheduled by whomever is the House speaker.


The district is centered in West Philadelphia, mostly to the north of Market Street including a large section of Fairmount Park.