Bullock/Thomas host public meeting on 'Stop-and-Go' issues

PHILADELPHIA, April 20 – Philadelphia state Reps. Donna Bullock and W. Curtis Thomas today hosted a public meeting on the issues relating to stop-and-go establishments that sell alcohol and how they impact surrounding communities. 

"This is an opportunity to put this issue under a microscope. Coming together allows concerns to be addressed, particularly the community's, and provides an avenue for all of us to be part of the solution," Bullock said. "I remain committed to working with all stakeholders to bring an end to the negative consequences associated with the nuisance establishments that are disrupting neighborhoods."

In addition to discussing the effect of these stop-and-go establishments on a state level, the public meeting also addressed how these stores may disrupt local communities.

"The fact of the matter is stop-and-gos lead to additional illegal activity in locations where the crime rate is too high already. Doing nothing is not an option," Thomas said. "Today's actions ensure that we are continuing the conversation on how we can answer the public's call to provide them with the safest neighborhoods possible."

Among the testifiers were Clarence Dupree from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Capt. Kpana Massaquoi of the Philadelphia Police Department's 22nd Police District, Sgt. Christopher Clark from the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, and personnel from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

This meeting is the third of several that members of the Philadelphia Delegation are holding across the city.

"This is a city-wide issue that is going to take a collaborative effort to remedy, said Rep. Maria Donatucci, chairwoman of the delegation. "We are having conversations that need to be had. I look forward to taking what we've learned so far, coupled with what's to come, and working together to reverse the damages stop-and-gos have caused for far too long."