Costa introduces bill to protect employees’ gratuities

HARRISBURG, Jan. 11 – Rep. Dom Costa has introduced a bill that would protect gratuities earned by employees.

The legislation (H.B. 2003) would ensure that tips left by guests are given to the employee it was intended for and not used in other ways. In Pennsylvania, the minimum cash hourly wage for tipped employees is $2.83 and the basic combined cash and tip minimum wage rate is $7.25, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

“Tipped wage workers work extremely hard and for long hours to earn their gratuities,” said Costa, D-Allegheny. “Employers should not be allowed to use tips to cover their costs for operation.”

Costa’s legislation defines gratuity and whose property it belongs to. Ultimately, Costa hopes that going forward advanced technology is not used to possibly shortage workers and that they will be able to take home all of the tips they have received.  

The measure is part of House Democrats’ Plan for PA, which emphasizes putting people first, good jobs, quality schools and fair taxes.