Dermody welcomes Wolf’s education initiative in budget

HARRISBURG, Feb. 2 – House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody said his caucus will work strenuously to help achieve Gov. Tom Wolf’s requested increases for a variety of education lines in the state budget.

“A budget is a statement of priorities,” Dermody said. “It’s how the elected representatives of the people make clear what we value most.

“The governor’s seeking $120 million more for school districts across the state, as well as higher investment in pre-kindergarten and Head Start programs, state universities, and career and technical education. Beyond better schools and targeted job training, the money for districts also helps us control local property tax increases.

“It’s directly in line with our own House Democratic agenda, the Plan For Pennsylvania, which focuses on quality schools, good jobs and fairer taxes,” he said.

“As always, the challenge is finding a way to pay for this, but make no mistake, it’s needed. House Democrats will do everything we can to help make the governor’s vision for better education, skills training and lower property taxes a reality,” Dermody said.