House Democratic Women’s Caucus denounces child separations, which are especially offensive to women

HARRISBURG, June 20 – The Democratic Women’s Caucus, which includes 21 diverse women from across the state, has condemned President Donald Trump’s actions separating families at U.S. borders.

“Trump’s immigration policy is inhumane and a national embarrassment. Many of our colleagues have co-sponsored H.R. 1000 urging the president to immediately reverse this outrageous policy,” the caucus said in a joint statement.

Trump today signed an executive order expressing some level of desire to keep families together, but will not renounce so-called zero-tolerance border patrol policies.

State Rep. Emilio Vazquez, D-Philadelphia, is one of several key co-sponsors of the House resolution, as this policy adversely affects Latinos disproportionately. He and state Rep. Helen Tai worked on the resolution. Tai, who is the prime sponsor of the resolution, is the newest member of the Women’s Caucus, a woman of color and only the second Asian woman to serve in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

There are currently no Latinas serving in the state House of Representatives. Women and women of color are underrepresented in government on the local, state and federal levels.

“These facts are important because I believe that we would not see so many anti-immigrant and anti-family policies if more women and more diversity including women of color, Latinas, and others had their voices heard. It could lift our public discourse, enriching the halls of government and creating policies that are absent the kind of cruelty and child endangerment that we are witnessing right now with this Trump administration policy,” said state Rep. Margo Davidson, who chairs the Democratic Women’s Caucus.

“This is not the first time in history that we have seen this kind of dehumanizing separation of families – we saw it during slavery at the auction blocks, we saw it in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, and we saw in during the internment of Japanese families.

“The Women’s Caucus believes in the statement of Martin Luther King Jr., who said ‘injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere,’ and we stand will all fair-minded Americans in calling for this abominable injustice to end.

“The Democratic Women’s Caucus condemns any strategy to disparage families at American borders in the strongest terms and urges the administration to cease its activities detaining children immediately.

“We intend to fight against this policy and for the human rights of families as long as it takes for the Trump administration to end its apparent strategy use children as pawns to deter immigration.”