Kavulich says it’s time for a budget that protects our kids and homeowners

HARRISBURG, Feb. 9 – State Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich, D-Lackawanna, said Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget address today gives a clear course to helping kids and homeowners in northeastern Pennsylvania.

“Today, Governor Wolf delivered a budget address that wasn't about numbers, it was about reality, and the failure of the legislature to agree on a spending plan for this year. Before we look forward to next year's budget, we need to come up with one for this year.

“On December 23, three of the four legislative chambers agreed on a plan, only to have the House Republican leadership leave town without bringing it up for a vote. That is wrong. People in northeastern Pennsylvania – people all across Pennsylvania -- are suffering. Our students are suffering because of the education cuts made by the Corbett administration that cost tens of thousands of good jobs. Those with intellectual and physical disabilities are suffering because of cuts in social services. Those in crisis are suffering as centers are closing, leaving those in need without anywhere to go.

“We need to solve Pennsylvania's structural deficit and come up with the funding to pay those recurring bills. Those who refused to vote on the compromise budget said they didn't want to raise taxes, yet those same legislators voted for education cuts the past five years that forced school districts to be the ones to raise property taxes.

“The time has come to compromise, work together and come up with an open, honest and transparent solution to budget crisis. We need bipartisan, across-the-aisle negotiations where each side meets in the middle to solve this problem. Now is the time. Pennsylvania is a ticking time bomb and the casualties will be the constituents.”